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      Bob Greidanus

      Manufacturing Director

      Manufacturing in the U.S. is a vital sector, although its importance to the U.S. economy has declined for the past forty years. The right expertise and focus is needed for U.S.A. manufacturers to stay relevant in a capitol-cost intense environment. To remain competitive and retain its leadership in a global economy, American manufacturers need to be smarter, safer and more environmentally sustainable.

      Turn to Bob Greidanus for “feet on the ground” insight into what it takes to build long and short term manufacturing strategies. Working with other U.S. supply chain partners, Greidanus helps to develop consistent goals for the good of all companies involved. He can discuss first-hand what it means to be the mid-size underdog in an industry full of Über large global corporations and still be highly competitive and profitable.


      When Greidanus noticed Centrisys’ location expanding to another building in 2001, he dropped off his resume and was offered a position later that day. It quickly became apparent to Michael Kopper, Centrisys C.E.O. and Founder, that Greidanus had more to offer. Greidanus quickly rose up the company ranks to his current position as Director of Manufacturing. Greidanus was a valued team member in the integration of the current ERP system upgrade that helps manage costs, materials, procurement and quality control. Over his 18 years of employment at Centrisys, Greidanus has managed up to 30 employees across 11 departments ensuring productivity timelines, costs and quality measures are consistently met or exceeded.

      Greidanus earned a Bachelor of Science from DeVry University in Technical Management with a concentration on Industrial Project Management (graduating Summa Cum Laude) and an A.A.S. Degree in Network Communication from Gateway Technical College.