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      Robert Havrin

      Process Engineering Director

      Robert Havrin has been working in the field of wastewater/water treatment with Centrisys since 2004 and brings a broad range of diversified experiences from project management to process engineering. Havrin possesses valuable knowledge on solid/liquid separation and centrifuge technology as well as power consumption and renewable energy processes. Havrin is an experienced strategist and expert in process and product improvement.

      At Centrisys, Havrin is the Process Engineering Director and is responsible for the development of engineering standards and safety in design and manufacturing of industrial centrifuges. With nearly 11 years of working with Centrisys engineering advanced centrifuge solutions, Havrin brings veteran experience to the wastewater industry as well as other separations industries.

      Havrin has a strong academic foundation in engineering and holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University – Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.