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      Zhongtian Li, Ph.D.

      Technical Manager | AirPrex + PONDUS Specialist

      Many municipalities use legacy wastewater treatment systems that are three or four decades old. With new processes emerging, these technological advancements offer opportunities to improve the plant’s efficiency and cost savings.

      Sound technical evaluation and equipment selection are necessary for realizing the benefits a product has to offer. Turn to Zhongtian Li for technical evaluation and product customization of energy and nutrient recovery technologies.


      Li joined CNP in 2016 and works on technical evaluation and product customization for AirPrex and PONDUS in North America. Li has 15+ years of research and working experience in wastewater treatment and biosolids management. He gained valuable industry knowledge while interning as: a Groundwater Permitting Intern for the CAL/EPA Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board; a Processing Engineering Intern for the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County; and as a Environmental Engineering Intern for the city of San Diego.

      A native of China, Li graduated from Shandong Agricultural University in China with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. He holds an Master of Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Ph.D. from UCLA in Civil and Environmental Engineering.