Kevin Bell

    High Speed Disc Separator Consultant

    With over twenty-seven years of experience with centrifugal separation, Bell is considered an industry expert in High Speed Disc Stack Separation Technology.

    In 1994, Bell founded GTech Global in Christchurch, New Zealand. GTech quickly formed a partnership with Hutchison Hayes Separation Inc., out of Houston, Texas, to rebuild high-speed disc separators for rendering and edible oil applications in New Zealand and Australia.

    As the partnership progressed, GTech developed and optimized aftermarket spare-parts for Alfa Laval and GEA vertical disc centrifuges in the USA and Australia.

    After many years of repairing, optimizing, and manufacturing high speed separators, Bell and his team designed and built the Renderpure 845. A high speed separator used for food processing and sold primarily to Tyson Foods in the USA.

    In 2009, Bell "jumped across the pond" starting GTech USA in Houston, Texas, and developed the Quantum range of high speed disc separators in collaboration with Centrisys. The Quantum separators are designed for use in a variety of industrial and food applications.