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    Case Studies

    DATA UPDATE: Fox River Water Reclamation District MagPrex Installation

    Fox River Water Reclamation District Elgin Illinois MagPrex Installation

    Fox River Water Reclamation District

    Location: Elgin, Illinois
    Plant Size: 25 MGD
    Process: MagPrex
    Installation: 2021

    [DATA UPDATE] MagPrex at FWRD:
    1) REMOVES 95-98% of orthophosphates
    2) MEETS local phosphorus regulations
    3) AVOIDS struvite-related maintenance
    4) OPTIMIZES dewaterability

    To meet stringent phosphorus regulations and mitigate struvite-related O&M problems, FWRD worked with Black & Veatch to design a biological phosphorus removal (BPR) system using MagPrex for phosphorus sequestration in two plants 1) North WRF and 2) ADP WRF. With the recent bio-P process start-up, MagPrex receives around 450 mg/L of orthophosphate and achieves a 95-98% removal efficiency.

    FWRD is the fifth U.S. MagPrex installation with three systems currently in the works. MagPrex demonstrates removal efficiencies above 90%... SIGNIFICANTLY reducing plant maintenance, P-recycling and REDUCING dewatering and hauling costs.

    Thanks to B&V and FWRD for their cooperation during this project.

    How can Centrisys/CNP help your plant meet your long-term phosphorus limits and mitigate struvite-related challenges? Discover more.

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