About Us

    About Centrisys/CNP

    Wastewater Treatment Equipment Manufacturer and Leader of Biosolids Solutions

    Centrisys/CNP offers innovative solutions to address current and future environmental challenges. Their USA headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, provides advanced decanter centrifuge manufacturing, service and cutting-edge biosolids processes that are internationally recognized.


    40+ Years of Biosolids and Wastewater Innovation

    Established in 1987, Centrisys began by servicing and repairing decanter centrifuges manufactured by our competitors.

    Due to customer demand, Centrisys began manufacturing centrifuges soon after and quickly became an expert in centrifuge technology. Centrisys/CNP offers standard, adaptable, and custom decanter centrifuge designs. The introduction of the DLT Dryer to the equipment portfolio is an innovative development that addresses industry-specific sludge challenges.

    Centrisys/CNP's Wisconsin facility features a 20,000-square-foot centrifuge parts warehouse and distribution center with over $9M of spare parts in stock. Two additional U.S. service facilities are located in Stockton, California and Houston, Texas with six service and repair locations worldwide.


    Approaching Biosolids as a Renewable Resource

    A vital part of Centrisys’ story is the formation of CNP - developed in 2014 with the goal of supplying phosphorous recovery, struvite removal, and a thermal hydrolysis process for enhanced sludge treatment to municipal and industrial plants. 

    Our approach to treating wastewater, municipal sludges, and industrial slurries is effective because it combines our equipment-manufacturing and centrifuge-service expertise with our knowledge of biosolids processes. It's the combination of equipment optimization and process expertise that provides the biggest advantages to municipal and industrial plants. Learn more

    What Makes Centrisys/CNP Different From Other Wastewater Treatment Providers?

    The many differences in wastewater processing make optimization and customization a key differentiator for Centrisys/CNP. Our process starts with the following:
    • Listening to customers and consulting engineers to understand the plant goals and challenges 
    • Lab analysis for the abrasiveness, corrosiveness, and nature of the solids 
    • Evaluating the plant and sludge conditions of each operation
    • Pilot testing at municipal or industrial plants 
    • Adapting the centrifuge design or treatment process  based on the lab, pilot test and site conditions 

    • Prototyping and testing design concepts in SOLIDWORKS 

    The Centrisys/CNP portfolio combines environmental processes and equipment for sludge and biosolids handling. The biggest advantage for municipal and industrial plants is our fusion of equipment knowledge and expertise with treatment processes.

    Significant benefits are unlocked by understanding how these technologies interact and aligning them towards a plant's goals. Learn more

    Municipal and Industrial Decanter Centrifuges and Biosolids Equipment for Sludge Treatment

    Centrisys/CNP’s line-up of equipment and technologies for biosolids management is designed to deliver the highest performance and return on investment for all of our customers worldwide.


    To provide superior quality and service making Centrisys/CNP an exceptional global brand.