CSI Program

    40+ Point Centrifuge Inspection

    Prevent Failures. Reduce Repair Costs. Embrace Reliability. No Surprises.

    Inspections shouldn’t be viewed as a burden. Knowing the condition of your centrifuge or sludge thickener allows for reduced repair costs, more uptime, proactive budgeting and a safe environment for your plant operators.


    What is the CSI Program? The Centrisys Service Inspection (CSI) Program is a one day, one decanter centrifuge/sludge thickener, on-site inspection.* The evaluation of your centrifuge includes a summarized report outlining the condition of 40+ critical areas.

    *CSI is an annual program.

    Why 40+ Points? After 30 years of servicing all makes and models of decanter centrifuges, the Centrisys service team has the experience to identify those areas of a centrifuge that are critical for performance, reliability and safety. Plants find this evaluation is a good reference to forecast maintenance budgets.
    What does the comprehensive inspection report cover? The inspection report has detailed sections documenting our service technician’s findings during the one day inspection. The report includes photos, notes and recommendations along with a color key code to quickly view the status of the 40+ points:

    RED = critical   |   YELLOW = caution   |   GREEN = good


    Is the CSI Program only for Centrisys centrifuges? The The CSI Program is available for all brands of decanter centrifuges on the market today. Centrisys has over 30 years of experience repairing all makes and models since we started as a centrifuge service and repair facility. It's through our service know-how and passion for centrifuge technology that we are a leader in the industry.

    What is 365 Support?
    • Unlimited phone support with senior service managers
    • 24/7 emergency call line
    • Preferential scheduling of repairs and upgrades
    • 5% discount on labor
    • 5% discount on Centrisys parts
    • 5% discount on rental equipment
    • 1-year warranty on parts
    • Priority shipping on available parts
    • Centrisys service tips newsletter
    Available Support Upgrades
    • Preventative maintenance + service plans
    • Extended warranties
    • Operator training
    • Advanced process optimization with recommendations
    • Remote monitoring
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