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    Steel + Primary Metals

    Ferrous Recovery  |  Pickling + Rolling  |  Production Facilities

    More Efficient Centrifuge Development Improves Results for Our Customers  

    A wastewater treatment facility in a steel mill is essential to remove solids fractions from aqueous solutions to recover a dry, concentrated cake and clean the water. Customers value Centrisys' centrifuges for maximum uptime backed by industry-leading support.

    Centrisys has extensive experience managing the unique environmental and waste management issues of the iron, steel and primary metal production industries. Our technical knowledge in steel and primary metals facilities help to mitigate waste, maintain regulatory and safety compliance and create operational efficiencies.

    Centrisys works with all types and sizes of metal operations: ferrous recovery from blast furnaces, waste from basic oxygen and electric arc furnaces, pickling and rolling operations, galvanizing-coating, coke and sinter plants, copper and aluminum production facilities.


    “We are experts in centrifuges, we don’t expect our customers to have that knowledge, so it’s our job to make sure our capabilities give our customers what they need.” 

    Michael Kopper, Centrisys President/C.E.O.

    Wear Protection and Materials of Construction

    Aggressive slurries and harsh environments require highly customized wear protection and materials of construction. It’s through our 30+ years of centrifuge service and manufacturing that allows us to quickly identify what components, materials and design elements on the centrifuge need to be further analyzed to keep you up and running and improve your results.


    Customized Solutions: A Key Strength

    Our customized solutions can be as large as designing and building a complete mobile dewatering or thickening trailer or as small as improving a wear part. Our R&D, engineering, manufacturing and service teams bring value to the development process by being involved at virtually every stage from concept through design and prototyping to production and end-of-life support.

    24/7 Operations Requires a Service Partner You Can Trust

    We take your calls when you need us most. That’s been our way of doing business since 1987, repairing, maintaining and optimizing ALL makes, models and brands of centrifuge decanters. We understand dewatering applications are not all the same and it’s our job to make sure you always get the most out of your equipment.

    Contact us for more information about how to optimize your plants performance.

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