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    Oil + Gas

    Production |  Refining  |  Recovery  |  Cleaning

    An Efficient Process Starts with the Most Reliable, Robust Equipment

    A Centrisys centrifuge delivers maximum uptime, backed by industry leading support. This gives our customers the lowest cost of ownership and improved profitability in the handling of solids wastes and liquids, as a more environmentally appropriate waste and a higher grade of recovered product.


    A Proven Performer in the Field

    Upstream Treatment
    Centrisys Drilling Fluids Centrifuges are designed to process larger volumes of fluid and improve barite recovery in the drilling process. Our goal is to improve fluid recovery and reduce disposal volumes for cost savings to our customers. A Centrisys centrifuge will recover as much as 95% of the solids in weighted drilling fluids, return the barite back to the active mud system and remove more of the finer, lower-gravity solids from the drilling fluids.

    Customers include:

    Centrisys provides standard and customized centrifuges for the Solids Wastes Management of drilling fluids, crude oil, natural gas and geothermal energy wastes from exploration, development and production sites.

    The CS18-3 is the first full hydraulic centrifuge engineered, built and proven to meet Class 1/Div 1 standards with fully adjustable hydraulic drives.

    The Centrisys CS 2600 Cuttings Dryer is designed for oil based drill cuttings management where operators are concerned about drilling fluid losses and the environmental impact of oily cuttings. Based on feedstock, liquid content can go below 4%.

    Downstream Treatment
    Centrisys works closely with customers in downstream refinery processes to apply our expertise in separation to help reduce waste, increase capacity and throughput, lower maintenance costs and maximize oil recovery and energy efficiencies.

    Whether its 2- or 3-phase separation, Centrisys supplies centrifuges around the world in:

    • Oil and gas production
    • Downstream refining
    • Petrochemical refineries
    • Oil recovery
    • Tank bottom cleaning

    The Sample Analysis and Pilot Testing Advantage

    Full-scale pilot testing and sample analysis are proof of concept to demonstrate the viability of the equipment or a process. Our process and R&D engineers are available to analyze data from your processed waste streams and make recommendations for next steps to maximize efficiencies.

    The Centrisys Hydraulic Rotodiff® Advantage

    • Inside the Explosion Proof Zone for Class 1/Div. 1 Environments
      A full hydraulic centrifuge (main motor and backdrive) allows for the complete centrifuge operation inside the explosion proof zone and creates a more economical drilling process and cost savings
    • Variable Bowl and Adjustable Differential Speed
      The bowl and main motor run independent from each other, maintaining a continuous operation that automatically and immediately adjusts to changing process conditions. This allows for maximum solids/fluids separation throughout the drilling operation.
    • Increased Capacity with a Smaller Footprint
      Precise speed control and the highest torque capabilities allow for processing larger volumes of fluid with an in-line design that is simple, compact and lightweight.

    Customizable Options for Specifications

    Every project has unique requirements. Not every project should have a standard decanter centrifuge design. Centrisys can identify the right design to deliver maximum efficiencies tailored to the needs of each project.
    • Full hydraulic/electro-mechanic/planetary gearbox backdrive design options
    • Trailer/skid/containerized systems are our specialty
    • Class 1/Div 1, Class 1/Div 2, NEMA 4 environments
    • Relay control/PLC control systems
    • Wear components and materials of construction are evaluated per application specifications
    • 2- and 3-phase options
    • Beach angle/LD ratio/scroll design all configured to process requirements
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