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    Every Tunneling Project is Unique

    With the growth of cities, tunnel boring is taking on a more important role in expanding and upgrading infrastructure around the world. It is a demanding application, where equipment performance and reliability are critical for unhindered tunnel progress.

    As tunneling and underground projects become more complex, dewatering schemes have advanced in sophistication and effectiveness. Centrisys is not a "one-size-fits-all" type of centrifuge manufacturer. Our company’s size and agility allows us to leverage what we know from our 30+ year portfolio of industrial dewatering installations. Centrisys prides itself on being a strategic partner, not just a supplier. We don’t believe you should change your requirements to meet our standard centrifuge models. We’ll work with you to find the right equipment should it be standard, semi-standard or a fully customized solution.


    Continuous Processing for Increased Capacity

    The Centrisys Hydraulic Rotodiff® Advantage:
    • Variable Bowl and Adjustable Differential Speed
      The bowl and main motor run independent from each other maintaining a continuous operation that automatically and immediately adjusts to changing process conditions. This allows for maximum solids/fluids separation throughout the operation.
    • Increased Capacity with a Smaller Footprint
      Precise speed control and the highest torque capabilities allow for processing larger volumes of fluid with an in-line design that is simple, compact and lightweight.
    • Simple and Accurate Measurement of the Scroll Speed
      Allows for slurry processing to be 20-50% higher than others, resulting in a higher rate of fine particle recovery and cleaner water.

    A Versatile Centrifuge Design for Improving Tunneling Performance

    It’s our focus on centrifuge technology, our significant investments in our core equipment and dewatering advancements, learning in the field, and data analysis that gives us peace of mind that our standard centrifuge designs and any customizations specific to our tunneling centrifuges provide maximum results to our customers.

    • Customized beach angle designed for application specific performance and allows for precise cut points.
    • Optimized scroll design improves the conveyor pitch and is proven to boost performance
    • 2205 duplex or A890 duplex stainless steel used for bowl longevity in low pH, high chloride environments
    • Fully tiled scroll for ultimate protection
    • Field replaceable, tungsten carbide solids and discharge nozzles used for unparalleled wear resistance in rough environments

    Tunneling/Drilling/Sand Applications

    • Dewatering of spent bentonite slurry in tunnel drilling
    • Dewatering of sludge from the construction of foundations
    • Dewatering of sludge from quarries
    • Dewatering of sludge from cutting and grinding of rock, concrete, and ceramics
    • Dewatering of sludge from sand and gravel washing
    • Micro-tunneling

    Centrisys can identify the right design and solution to deliver maximum efficiencies tailored to the needs of each project. Contact us for more information.

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