A New Joint Venture Partnership

    About Centrisys Renewables

    Centrisys Renewables (CR) is a joint venture partnership formed between DS Octant, LLC, a global management services and project development firm, focused on solving complex industry challenges in renewable energy, materials, and biotech, and Centrisys, an industry-leading services, technology, and centrifugal equipment manufacturer focusing on advanced biosolids handling.


    This collaboration resulted in the development of a unique proprietary Decanter Centrifugal Technology (DCT) to separate the soap, fiber, and lignin from the black liquor stream at pulp & paper mills. The separation and marketing of these valuable components can create additional revenue for the mill and increase its pulp production's efficiency. These components are used in renewable energy and biomaterials, and will replace and/or reduce the use of fossil fuels.

    “We do not need to build biorefineries to replace fossil fuels because we already have them–they are called pulp mills. By deploying technology to convert pulp mill waste streams into higher-value biobased products, we can increase the availability and use of those products in our everyday lives.”

    – Mark DeAndrea, Partner, DS Octant

    “The Centrisys Renewables joint venture partnership fully aligns with our organization’s strategic business model. It is when two teams of experts collaborate that environmental challenges are solved in the most efficient and innovative ways. I fully expect that the joint venture between DS Octant and Centrisys/CNP will produce the most sustainable solutions for the pulp and paper industry, along with creating greater revenue for the mills.”

    – Michael Kopper, Founder and CEO, Centrisys/CNP