Decanter Centrifuge Parts Available When You Need Them

    Maximize Your Up-Time with a Centrifuge Parts Supplier You Can Rely On.

    At Centrisys, we understand the urgency of delivering centrifuge replacement parts when you need them.

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    In-Stock Decanter Centrifuge Parts Ensure Prompt Delivery

    It's simple. If you don't have the centrifuge part you need, your decanter centrifuge can't be repaired. That is why the Centrisys centrifuge parts warehouse has an inventory of over $9 million centrifuge parts.

    Our Experience Makes all the Difference for Accurate and Durable Centrifuge Parts Manufacturing.

    Centrisys provides parts, repair, re-engineer, reverse engineer and optimize all decanter centrifuges for any centrifuge brand.

    Since 1994, SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Software is the Centrisys Standard for Centrifuge Parts 3D Modeling and Repair. Centrifuge parts are first modeled in 3D to confirm accuracy within an assembly. The centrifuge repair parts are visible as cross-sections, not possible in "the real world."

    Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capabilities within SOLIDWORKS Simulation examine fatigue stress for real-world performance predictability and determines the durability of the part for your centrifuge repair.

    Design and durability analysis are completed during the preliminary design phase – before the repair is started in the shop.

    Decanter Centrifuge Repair Services

    The Centrisys Parts Manufacturing Difference:

    • Dedicated Mechanical Engineers utilize SOLIDWORKS with the centrifuge service and engineering teams to analyze wear patterns, optimize parts, and develop solutions for each centrifuge being repaired.
    • 20,000 Square Foot Parts Warehouse and Distribution Center – over $9M of centrifuge parts in-stock. Standard OEM centrifuge parts, ancillary equipment, and other technical items stocked to minimize centrifuge downtime including the following centrifuge parts:
    • Dedicated Centrifuge Parts Specialists in Kenosha, WI and Stockton, CA for parts quotes, customer questions, and communication for quick response time to deliver the parts you need.
    • Global Network of Parts Suppliers for centrifuge parts not stocked. What we don't have warehoused we can find quickly through our network of suppliers.
    • Overnight Delivery for in-stock centrifuge parts
    • In House Fabrication, Machining, Welding for centrifuge parts for quality control and production prioritizing from design through final product.
    • Quality Control Department to measure and control production quality and compliance standards of centrifuge parts.
    • Standard Parts Warranties for OEM and centrifuge parts manufactured at Centrisys.
    • Centrifuge Parts Design Library – a turn-key SOLIDSWORKS Resource for decanter centrifuge parts designed and produced at Centrisys. Our centrifuge parts library has been in development since 1994. It includes parts, components, and ancillary equipment from new, re-engineered, reverse engineered and optimized for all makes, models and years of decanter centrifuges - including:
      • Humbolt
      • Sharples
      • Andritz
      • Alfa Laval
      • GEA
      • Hiller
      • Flottweg
      • Hutchison and Hayes
      • Siebtechnik
      • M-I Swaco
      • Tomeo
      • Haus
      • Hysep
      • Sweco

    Contact us today to learn more about our centrifuge parts services.

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    “It is an understatement to say that keeping spare parts on hand is imperative in this business. Stocking critical spare parts saves our customers a lot of aggravation and money.”

    George Kueppers   

    George Kueppers
    VP of Production  |  Centrifuge Repair Expert

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