Case Studies

    Manure Handling System Needed to Recycle Most of the Manure for Flushing


    The Wilgenberg family constructed their second flush dairy farm, Deer Valley Dairy in Fort Morgan, Colorado. This farm started with 5,000 cows and will potentially build-out to 9,000 total cow. The objective was to implement a manure handling system that recycled most of the manure for flushing. The system polishes the excess manure for solids removal prior to the lagoon, and subsequent land application, to minimize lagoon and liquid manure management costs both for the initial and future needs.

    Dairy Specialists, the local Centrisys dealer, designed a system using a slope screen to process all of the flushed down manure and sends about two-thirds of the screened manure back through the process for flushing. Additional screened manure, less than one-third, is sent through a Centrisys CS21-4HCDT centrifuge. Using a centrifuge allows the centrifuged manure, which is sent to the final lagoon, to consistently contain less than 1.4% TSS and reduce phosphorus by almost 50%. This minimizes the solids accumulation in the lagoon and makes the liquid manure easier to run through center pivot irrigation. The two-stage solution, designed by Dairy Specialists, minimizes the overall volume of water and makes the final centrifuged liquid manure easier to manage.

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