Case Studies

    Reduce Lagoon Solids and Phosphorus with CS21-4DT Decanter Centrifuge


    Toledo Dairy, located in Kuna, Idaho, has 4,000 dairy cows. This freestall flush dairy produces 140,000 gpd, which puts unnecessary extra solids and elevates the phosphorus levels in the lagoon. The increased phosphorus was a problem as the lagoon water irrigated local crops. The additional solids meant the lagoon was cleaned out once per year with pumps and loaders to ensure enough storage capacity for the winter months.

    Standley and Co., the local Centrisys dealer, installed a Centrisys CS21-4DT decanter centrifuge in July 2019 after the slope screen. Toledo Dairy is very satisfied with the centrifuge performance as it captures 50% more of the total solids and up to 30% of the total phosphorus. Adding the decanter centrifuge to the process, it runs with little to no shutdowns and although the lagoon cleaning is still performed once per year, an average of 12” inches of solids are scraped from the lagoon bottom rather than four+ feet that was previously removed. The extra solids removal from the lagoon also means that more of the liquid can be applied per acre as it has less phosphorus.

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