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    Protect Your Centrifuge From Environmental Elements

    If your centrifuge is operating outside, is stored outside or if there has been a lot of rain or snow, it’s important to check for moisture build-up in the oil tanks, gearboxes and bearing assemblies. 

    Humidity and temperature changes can cause moisture build-up due to condensation or exposure to weather elements.

    Moisture and water will cause corrosion and lack of lubrication during operation. Be pro-active, check the fluids and lubricants frequently for water contamination.

    Do this quick check to see if water is present in the lubrication:

    Go to the hydraulic pump tank, lube oil tank or gearbox. DO NOT use the sight glass as an indicator for water in the lubrication. The sight glass is a gauge for the lubricant level; it will not show water or moisture in the oil


    Take a small sample from the drain on the hydraulic tank to see if water is or isn't present.


    If water is detected, DO NOT operate the centrifuge; running it with water in the lubrication will cause damage, as well as a hefty repair fee. The best and least expensive solution is to exchange lubricants or call Centrisys for an evaluation of your options


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