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    Video: How to Grease Internal Bearings on a Decanter Centrifuge


    Once a week, you need to manually grease your centrifuge's internal bearings. You can only grease the internal bearings when the rotating assembly is at a standstill, which means this cannot be performed by an automatic lube system.

    It is important to grease the internal bearings as it:

    • Supplies fresh lubricant
    • Flushes out any contaminates
    • Indicates the condition of the bearings
    • Serves as an early warning sign

    How the grease looks is important. It tells you the health of the internal bearings in your centrifuge. Any water or shiny metal shards in the grease is an indicator of a more serious problem and requires a service call.

    View the video below on how to properly grease your centrifuge internal bearings.


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