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    How to Winterize Your Decanter Centrifuge


    Centrifuge Winter Operation

    When the temperature goes below 32 °F (0 °C), please observe the following steps while your centrifuge is at standstill. After shutdown, there is still some residual water left over in the machine. This water can freeze up. The water must be cleared or removed from:

    • Oil coolers (hydraulic unit and possibly the panel and lube system)
    • Sludge pipe
    • Cooling pipe
    • Flocculent pipe and system
    • Flush water pipe

    In most cases, you can drain trapped water by opening the provided drain valves and setting the ball valves at 45°. On occasion, coolers (like the one on the control cabinet) need the assistance of air. Water can also trap behind solenoids and the centrifuge may need to be energized to completely perform these tasks.

    • Check all water lines
    • Check control cabinet cooler (serpentine coil is vertical and can trap water)
    • Check all pumps
    • Check feed and flush line

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