Nutrient Recovery Solutions

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    Nutrient Recovery Leader

    CNP - Technology Water and Biosolids Corporation designs and supplies systems for nutrient recovery and sludge optimization. Led by a team of wastewater industry veterans and supported globally by engineers with decades of experience in biosolids treatment, CNP continues to pioneer innovative wastewater system solutions.

    Incorporate Value-Producing Technology into Your Operation

    At the forefront of nutrient recovery, CNP delivers custom solutions, including retrofitting into your existing infrastructure, to meet current and future demands. 

    "Centrisys/CNPs entire product portfolio focuses on doing more with less and helps you become less reliant on fossil fuels and chemicals by reusing the energy contained in the 'wastewater.' For us there is no wastewater, there is only potable water, energy and nutrients. Our technologies are simple and cost effective to implement and simple to operate."

    Gerhard ForstnerGerhard Forstner, CNP President

    Installations + Pilot Tests

    With installations and pilot tests in the U.S. and around the world, the CNP portfolio can help with nutrient recovery and sludge optimization. 

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