COVID-19 Update

      A Message from Michael Kopper, CEO Centrisys/CNP

      To Our Valued Customers and Partners,

      Centrisys is closely monitoring developments concerning COVID-19. Centrisys in Kenosha, WI, and Stockton, CA, are currently open and maintaining normal operations. However, we recognize the fluidity of the pandemic and that this situation will change day-to-day.

      To ensure that we can maintain normal manufacturing and service operations as the spread of COVID-19 continues, we have activated protection plans along with a high level of coordination by our management team, who are responsible for overseeing our response to this evolving situation.

      We are emphasizing the need for our field crews to avoid close contact with all medium to large size groups and anyone who appears sick. We recommend meeting alternatives for our employees, such as webinar meetings and conference calls, versus in-person. If travel is a job requirement – we will consider driving versus flying whenever possible.

      For all centrifuge service, repair work, and centrifuge parts orders, we ask that you call 262.654.6006 or email,, or to talk with our service and parts departments to decide the best course of action to get your centrifuge repaired and running as safely as possible.

      On behalf of the Centrisys team, I want to assure our customers that we are here for you, and ready to offer the highest level of service possible during these uncertain times. Our robust stock of parts will be available for quick delivery from our Kenosha, WI or Stockton, CA facilities, and our team remains committed to providing any guidance needed to help make decisions pertaining to centrifuge service needs, and centrifuge rentals for dewatering and sludge thickening.

      Thank you for your business, as we all work hard to navigate through these challenging times. Rest assured, we are 100% focused on supporting you in the coming days and weeks.

      Thank you again,

Michael Kopper
      President & CEO