Improve Mill Efficiency with Complete Soap Separation

    Decanter Centrifuge Technology (DCT) for Pulp & Paper

    Decanter Centrifuge Technology (DCT) can significantly improve mill efficiency over traditional soap skimmers. Our proprietary technology can be custom engineered to provide a complete soap separation solution. DCT is designed and manufactured in the USA, is reliable, has a small footprint (no need to redesign the mill or scale up for additional equipment), is energy efficient, and offers a range of higher throughputs.  

    Benefits to the mill include:

    • Incremental soap yield 
    • Additional fibers recovered through separation
    • Potential to produce more pulp if recovery boiler is limited
    • Minimized evaporator fouling 
    • Potential replacement for soap skimmers


    Decanter Centrifuge Technology Pilot Trial

    Centrisys Renewables offers a 30-day no cost pilot trial of our turnkey Decanter Centrifuge Technology. The trial includes: 

    • Site survey for the trial and for a permanent location at the mill 
    • Lab sampling and testing during the trial 
    • DCT trial skid delivered to mill within 30 days 
    • Soft installation and operation of DCT by CR
    • Jointly review soap collection and best practices
    • Additional soap captured by Mill
    • Additional pulp production captured by mill

    The trial helps to determine equipment sizing and optimal locations for maximizing value creation.

    Contact us for more information on our no-cost pilot testing options.