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    Low-Temperature Belt Dryer

    DLT Series

    DLT Low-Temperature Sludge Dryer - Focused on the USA

    Our dryer development team, industry consultants, and industrial experts researched current dryers on the market and identified key areas in low-temperature dryers that would benefit from improvement. The result is a simplified, operator-friendly, low-temperature belt dryer that maximizes uptime – all done in a smaller footprint.

    Centrisys DLT Low Temperature Belt Dryer

    The DLT is a simple, closed-loop, hot water heating system. The low-profile design integrates modular heat exchangers into the dryer system. Depending on the plant, the DLT can be designed with a dedicated hot water boiler for natural gas or biogas. The waste heat from pyrolysis or CHP cooling water can be used to offset energy requirements.

    Drivers for Low-Temperature Sludge Dryers

    • Generate Class A Biosolids - dry sludge at a high temperature to destroy pathogens
    • Reduce sludge volume
    • Reduce costs for disposal, landfill, and transportation
    • PFAS regulations, minimize risk by reducing volume


    • Dried sludge with a dryness level greater than 90% solids
    • Reduced biosolids weight up to +80%
    • Meets Class A requirements
    • Optimized particle size creates minimal dust; allows for land application without further processing

    1-1 Main Heat Exchanger Conveyor Side front


    Why Choose the Centrisys DLT Low-Temperature Dryer?

    USA Parts and Service. Centrisys DLT is designed, built, and FOCUSED on USA plants
    • The dryer’s modular segments are intentionally sized to use standard USA parts - no custom-sized parts, components, or ancillary equipment
    • All parts and components are manufactured, sourced, and distributed in the USA
    • All parts and components are stocked at the Centrisys parts distribution facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin
    Smallest Footprint. Increase Flexibility for Plant Design and Expansion.
    • A low-profile feeder design minimizes height requirements for installation
    • A decentralized heat recovery system; eliminates a single point of failure
    • The unique design of the heat recovery system decreases the installed footprint
    • The modular design is a simplistic approach for dryer sizing to align with plant capacity requirements
    Enhanced Safety, Designed for Plant Operators.
    • Designed to meet NFPA 820/654 standards
    • An insulated dryer surface to meet OSHA compliance for no exterior surface +120 °F
    • All the motor parts and instrumentation meet Class II explosion proof requirements
    • An automated sprinkler system installed for safety
    Uncomplicated. Designed for Simple Maintenance.
    • No confined spaces; operators do not need to crawl inside the dryer box for maintenance
    • Internal dryer parts are accessible and removable from outside the box
    • The compact pull-out cartridge is designed for a one-person "swap-in-place" exchange
    • The primary heat exchanger is a two-piece, split height panel design
    • All doors are hinged, no special tools are needed
    • An optional lift crane assembly to move heavier parts
    • 24/7 operation with minimal operator attention required

    More Uptime. Less Maintenance. Fewer Truckloads.

    Problem: Typical low-temp dryer designs have heat recovery systems that are:

    • Large
    • Stand-alone
    • A single point of failure
    • Located outside the dryer system

    During cleaning, the entire dryer must stop operation to complete this maintenance task.

    Solution: In the DLT’s heat recovery system, each module has an individual set of heat exchangers. If a single HEX within the module requires cleaning, the DLT system continues to dry sludge. The dirty HEX can be isolated, removed and replaced with a spare. It's a simple, one-person swap of the cartridge.

    Centrisys/CNP manufacturing sourcing meets BABA requirements.
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