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    Lessons Learned from Denver's 2020 P-Removal Implementation

    DATE: June 25, 2024

    Watch this insightful webcast hosted by Gerhard Forstner, President of CNP, featuring Rudy Maltos, Ph.D., P.E., Staff Engineer at Metro Water Recovery, Denver, Colorado. This session will delve into Metro Water Recovery's successful implementation of the MagPrex™ system for phosphorus recovery and its impact on the plant’s operations.

    The webcast covers three critical issues addressed by the MagPrex implementation:

    Struvite Scaling Issues: Learn how MagPrex mitigates struvite scaling, reducing maintenance costs and preventing operational disruptions.

    Biosolids Dewatering and Polymer Costs: Discover how MagPrex contributes to dewatering efficiency and reduces polymer consumption.

    Phosphorus Upcycling: Understand how MagPrex reduces recycled phosphorus by 95%, enabling Denver Metro to meet Colorado’s stringent phosphorus discharge limits.

    Additionally, we share lessons learned before, during, and after the construction of the MagPrex system. Key takeaways include:

    • Integrated Project Planning
    • Operational Efficiency
    • Adaptability and Flexibility

    This webcast is a must-see for wastewater industry professionals seeking to achieve phosphorus and nitrogen permit compliance, reduce dewatering costs for Bio-P plants, and adopt economical and sustainable practices. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the Denver Metro Water Recovery experts.