The Parts You Need,
    When You Need Them

    Minimize Downtime with a Parts Supplier You Can Rely On

    In-Stock Parts Ensure Prompt Delivery

    Centrisys started as a service company, and we are still one today. We understand the urgency of delivering to you replacement parts when you need them. The same expertise and commitment to excellence that makes us a world-class centrifuge manufacturer is what makes us a world-class parts supplier you can trust.

    This is where it all begins. We are continually expanding our parts inventory, warehousing them in facilities throughout key global regions and offering the quickest response times possible.

    • Along with Centrisys OEM parts, we carry the highest quality parts for all brands of centrifuges
    • We leverage our global supplier network for rapid prototyping and manufacturing of parts like seals, wear components and machined parts
    • Preventative maintenance, critical wear and ancillary parts are all readily available for prompt (often overnight) shipment
    • 20,000 sq. ft. global distribution center offers the largest in-stock selection of centrifuge parts available for same day shipment

    Broad Knowledge, Across Broad Applications
    Any Brand, Anytime, Anywhere

    • After years of analysis across ALL centrifuges brands, we have the expertise and know-how to manufacture most parts on all new and old centrifuges
    • Our experienced engineering teams reverse-engineer and work out the weaknesses of each part based on the wear patterns from the original OEM part and ultimately create a stronger part for optimized performance
    • Our in-depth centrifuge manufacturing and service and repair know-how enables us to optimize centrifuge parts design across a range of municipal and industrial dewatering and thickening applications
    • Our extensive parts library of designs and drawings includes newer and older centrifuges
    • We evaluate competitive designs with every repair to offer better solutions to our customer

    Centrisys Defines Reliability

    • Quality control is a standard procedure and we honor standard warranties against material defects or improper workmanship on ALL parts

    Service the Never Stops

    Nationwide and global on-site field-service capabilities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including:

    • Repair services - includes centrifuge rebuild
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Process evaluations/optimization
    • Installation assistance
    • Machine inspection
    • Vibration analysis and other diagnostic services
    • Operator and maintenance training
    • Maintenance agreements
    • Flight repair and replacement
    • High speed dynamic balancing
    • Control Panel Automation and upgrades
    • ISO 9001:2015


    “It is an understatement to say that keeping spare parts on hand is imperative in this business. Stocking critical spare parts saves our customers a lot of aggravation and money.”

    George Kueppers   

    George Kueppers
    VP of Production  |  Centrifuge Repair Expert

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