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    Centrisys to Provide Two Decanter Centrifuges for Stamford, CT Water Treatment Plant Dewatering and Chemical Receiving Facility


    Midwest-based Centrisys will provide two American-made decanter centrifuges to Aquarion Water Company for the Stamford, Connecticut Water Treatment Plant Dewatering and Chemical Receiving Facility.

    KENOSHA, Wis. (May 10, 2021) – Centrisys/CNP, a leading North American manufacturer of decanter and thickening centrifuges and dewatering systems, announced today that it has secured an order from Aquarion Water Company for two CS21-4HC 2 phase decanter centrifuges for the Stamford, Connecticut Water Treatment Plant Dewatering and Chemical Receiving Facility. In collaboration with consulting engineer Hazen and Sawyer of Wethersfield, Connecticut, the Centrisys CS21-4HC decanter centrifuges were selected to dewater alum sludge generated from the treatment of surface sourced drinking water using a dissolved air flotation and filtration process.

    “Centrisys’ previous success working with Aquarion at Stamford, Connecticut facilities was based on our team demonstrating a clear understanding of the critical requirements of the dewatering project and proving our ability to meet or exceed specifications,” said Brian Boyson, New England Representative for Centrisys. “Aquarion’s previous investment in Centrisys decanter centrifuges at two other water treatment plants in Connecticut established confidence in Centrisys’ ability to meet the high-level process performance and reliability required for the current Stamford water treatment plant processes and specifications.”

    Features of the CS21-4HC decanter centrifuge include:

    • Rotodiff® hydraulic scroll drive—Centrisys’ standard backdrive
    • Highest G-volume and torque capacity
    • Feed capacity up to 225gpm
    • Lowest installed combined HP (90HP) in its size specification
    • Increased solids handling, reduced polymer consumption
    • Auto lube system
    • USA designed and built
    • USA centrifuge service and repair facilities

    Boyson continued, "The Centrisys CS21-4HC centrifuges will provide Aquarion’s Stamford operations team with a higher degree of operational flexibility, the ability to continuously operate at rated flows, and lower overall life cycle costs for their dewatering operation.”

    The Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority processes water from the City of Stamford and the neighboring town of Darien and discharges clean water into the east branch of Stamford Harbor. Aquarion Water Company, a subsidiary of Eversource, manages the operations for the Stamford, Connecticut Water Treatment Plant Dewatering and Chemical Receiving Facility, and is the public water supply company for approximately 216,000 customer accounts or more than 700,000 people in 58 cities and towns in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

    For more information about Centrisys/CNP and the CS21-4HC decanter centrifuge, visit www.centrisys-cnp.com.

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