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    Centrisys/CNP and Somerset Collaborate for Sustainable Mining Solutions

    Revolutionizing Mining Practices for Increased Efficiency and Sustainability

    The mining industry is facing unprecedented challenges, from declining ore grades and water scarcity to mounting environmental pressures. In this landscape, two pioneering companies – Centrisys/CNP and Somerset International – have formed a partnership that’s reshaping traditional mining practices. 

    The two companies found a way to leverage the best of both worlds: Somerset's innovative approach to mineral processing and tailings management and Centrisys/CNP's world-leading centrifuge technology. Together, they have created a sustainable mining solution that is changing the game in the mining industry.


    In this interview, Centrisys/CNP CEO Michael Kopper talks with Somerset’s Global CEO Lynn Shanks and Managing Director Anthony Quin, about how they are using Centrisys/CNP’s decanter centrifuge technology to create a sustainable mining process that increases revenue, decreases residual mineral waste, and conserves water.

    Benefits of Implementing a Sustainable Mining System 

    By leveraging Centrisys/CNP’s decanter centrifuge technology, Somerset crafted a sustainable mining system that extracts residual minerals from waste streams. These minerals are then seamlessly reintegrated back into the customer’s product line, saving up to 10% of sellable product that would have otherwise gone to waste. Following this mineral extraction process, the system dewaters the remaining waste stream, which is then dry-stacked. 

    Adopting this sustainable mining system offers the following benefits:

    • Reduction in overall mineral waste
    • Increased revenue
    • Decreased need for tailing dams
    • Enhanced value proposition within the mining sector
    • Reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact

    Water Conservation 

    Another benefit of Centrisys/CNP and Somerset’s innovative sustainable mining technology is its ability to recover and conserve water through the solid-liquid separation process. Mineral mining tends to be in dry climates, which already poses a challenge for water supply. Adding to this issue is that these mining areas are now experiencing droughts with environmental challenges. The ability to extract, conserve, and reuse water in mining operations is a huge step towards a more sustainable mining future.

    At Centrisys/CNP, we understand a standard “one size fits all” decanter centrifuge doesn’t work for all mining sites, which is why we design and develop every centrifuge to fit the site’s individual needs, ensuring the best possible performance. Learn more.

    A Progressive Business Model Driving Mining Sustainability

    Somerset developed a unique business model that involves partnering with mining companies and investing in the systems required to deliver these outcomes at their own cost. 

    By aligning their interests with their partners and being paid based on performance, Somerset has a strong incentive to maximize productivity and sustainability. Furthermore, mining companies are inclined to adopt Somerset's sustainable mining system due to its risk-free nature. They are reducing their carbon footprint while increasing revenue, with any associated costs often offset by profits generated from recovered minerals that would otherwise have been lost.

    This business model has proven successful. Since implementing the model in 2016, the company has since expanded to 30 operations across eight countries. 

    What’s Next? Sustainable Mining Opportunities

    As the mining industry continues to evolve, Centrisys/CNP and Somerset are actively assessing projects and exploring ways to further optimize mineral recovery, reduce the environmental impact of mining tailings, and improve water management. 

    They continue to find ways to improve their process of recovering residual materials, ultimately reducing the amount of mineral waste that reaches tailing dams. Additionally, they are pioneering processes and systems to extract minerals from existing tailing dams, thereby reducing their environmental footprint. The overall goal is to eliminate the need for future tailing dams and diminish the environmental impact of existing ones, all while conserving water resources within the mining industry.

    Want to learn more about Centrisys/CNP’s decanter centrifuge technology? Contact us today or download our guide below. 

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