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    George Kueppers

    Vice President & Product Innovation | Centrifuge Repair + Hydraulic Scroll Drive Specialist

    Uptime is critical for municipal wastewater treatment plants. For a facility tasked with processing millions, sometimes billions, of gallons of wastewater every day, equipment failure is not an option. To ensure maximum uptime for dewatering centrifuge systems, plant operators must consider a variety of design, construction and operational factors that contribute to reliability.

    Turn to George Kueppers for a refreshing perspective on how to get the most life and performance out of wastewater treatment equipment. A veteran of the wastewater industry for almost 30 years, Kueppers has been with Centrisys since its founding in 1987, helping to build the company’s tradition of durable, efficient equipment.


    Michael Kopper, Centrisys/CNP C.E.O. and founder, met Kueppers at the local fitness club. At that time, Kueppers did not know what a centrifuge was, let alone that he would play a key role to help create a global company leading the industry with innovative centrifuge designs. After its founding as a decanter centrifuge service provider, Centrisys began to manufacture its own brand of decanter centrifuges. The company studied centrifuges – what worked, what did not and why. This expertise translated into the ability to service any make or model of decanter centrifuges.

    As Centrisys grew, Kueppers’ team maintained the service integrity and responsiveness of a small startup, a quality he credits for the company’s strong growth. Under Kueppers’ direction as the Service Director, the company built a massive domestic supplier network that provides 85 percent of its centrifuge parts and maintains a substantial inventory to ensure unparalleled service around the world. Kueppers also worked hand-in-hand with the Centrisys engineering team to re-engineer and optimize parts for all brands of decanter centrifuges.

    With Kueppers promotion to VP and Product Innovation in 2021, he will work side-by-side with the engineering, R&D and service teams to continue to drive centrifuge innovation forward at Centrisys.