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    Gerhard Forstner

    CNP President | Nutrient Recovery Expert

    Many municipalities use legacy wastewater treatment systems that are three or four decades old. With new processes emerging, these technological advancements offer opportunities to improve the plant’s efficiency and cost savings.

    Turn to CNP President Gerhard Forstner as he has over twenty years of experience in taking innovative biosolids processes and equipment to the market. Fostner is instrumental in positioning CNP - Technology Water and Biosolids as a leader in nutrient recovery and sludge optimization solutions. He led the CNP team as the design-build developer on the Kenosha Energy Optimization Project and was a key contributor to its success.


    Forstner joined CNP in 2013 and leads CNP in its phosphorus recovery and thermal hydrolysis process (THP) initiatives. Forstner is highly experienced in primary, secondary and tertiary treatment systems and has worked in both the municipal and industrial wastewater industries. He has a thorough understanding of biosolids treatment systems, including thermal hydrolysis systems, drying and gasification technologies. He leads a team of industry veterans who have over five decades of experience in engineering, process design and project management.

    A native of Austria, Forstner graduated from Kapfenberg Technical College in Austria with an Electrical Engineering degree. He holds an MBA from Queens University in Charlotte, NC. Forstner began working in wastewater, water and sludge treatment in 2001. He gained valuable industry knowledge while working as a: application engineer, project manager, regional sales manager and the President of Huber Technology, U.S.A.