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    Jerry Strabel

    Machine Shop Manager

    Jerry Strabel started his career by working for the company that built Centrisys’ first centrifuge scroll. Strabel joined the team in 2015 when Centrisys started its in-house machine shop with the idea to control product quality, help with delivery time and lower production costs. These benefits help not only the newly built centrifuges, but also the service department. With his 40+ years of experience, Strabel and his team pride themselves in the fact that since opening the machine shop, not one part needed to service a centrifuge has been outsourced; all parts are machined in-house. In 2018, the machine shop expanded by adding more lathes and mills. This expansion allows the machine shop team to double the amount of in-house machining. “My team give[s] the customer not only the best looking product, but the most precise [product] while saving the [customer] time and money with a quick turnaround,” Strabel says.