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    Luis Garza

    Mechanical Engineering Director | Centrifuge Engineering Expert

    Many municipalities are using legacy wastewater treatment systems that are three or four decades old. While these systems can still get the job done, advancements in the technology offer significant opportunities to improve efficiency, performance, reliability and cost savings. By attacking these challenges head on, forward-thinking engineers are helping to advance the industry.

    Turn to Luis Garza for a first-hand account of how innovative centrifuge technology is designed from concept to installation. Garza has 20 years of unparalleled experience in decanter centrifuge innovation and design. He played an integral role in moving the company from a small startup to a globally recognized brand.


    Garza’s career in engineering took root 20 years ago when he walked into the Centrisys Corporation office to apply for a mechanical draftsman job. Michael Kopper, CEO and Founder, asked Garza to do the following – draw the flights on a scroll without having to draw each individual flight. Without knowing what a centrifuge was, let alone a scroll and flights, Garza managed to complete the task within four days; he was hired. Today, Garza has designed close to 2,400 centrifuges.

    Designing custom engineered solutions is Garza’s forte. He works closely with engineers and customers to develop dewatering systems to fit within the specifications of each project. Garza and his team, of seven mechanical engineers, work side-by-side with the electrical, process and service teams to develop the most rugged centrifuge in the industry today.