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    Michael Kopper

    Centrisys C.E.O./Founder | Dewatering + Centrifuge Expert

    Innovating new wastewater treatment technology is critical worldwide. The right expertise and focus is needed from pioneering companies to improve efficiency, performance and cost savings. Forward-looking leaders help create breakthroughs and make a positive impact on people, the environment and lead the world to a more sustainable future.

    Turn to Centrisys C.E.O. and Founder Michael Kopper for deeper insights on the latest trends and technology in the industry. A charismatic leader and passionate speaker, Kopper is at the forefront of global efforts developing new innovative biosolids treatment processes and infuses a spirit of ingenuity in his commentary.


    With a technical background that spans 40 years, Kopper is a decanter centrifuge manufacturing and service expert. Kopper began his career in the dewatering industry as a 14-year-old apprentice at centrifuge manufacturer Humboldt-Wedag. After earning a degree from a Cologne, Germany technical college, Kopper supervised the startup, operations and process refinements of Humboldt centrifuges around the world.

    After many years of working in centrifuge operation and service with Humboldt, Kopper founded Centrisys in 1987 as a repair and optimization company for decanter centrifuges. In 1989, a municipal customer could not wait for a decanter centrifuge to be manufactured overseas. Kopper and his team built their first decanter centrifuge utilizing their dewatering know-how and optimization expertise with what did and did not work from the different brands of centrifuges they repaired throughout the years. This innovation foundation still drives the company today, as Kopper leads Centrisys/CNP with problem-solving ideas that advance the industry.