Centrisys Secures Maintenance Contract for New York City Wastewater Treatment Plants


    Contract will cover maintenance and repairs for 83 existing decanter centrifuges in eight New York City wastewater treatment facility locations.

    KENOSHA, Wis. (February 8, 2022) – Centrisys, a leading North American manufacturer of decanter and thickening centrifuges and dewatering systems, announced today that it has secured a contract with the New York City (NYC) Department of Environmental Protection to provide maintenance and repairs for 83 existing decanter centrifuges located in eight NYC wastewater treatment facility locations. Centrisys’ contract was bid in partnership with Jett Industries, Inc.; a leading general contractor focused on constructing and modifying water and wastewater treatment facilities.

    “Aligning with Centrisys in the contract bidding process to support NYC’s wastewater treatment facilities allowed us to bring all of our collaborative strengths to the table to ensure we provided recommendations that offer facility efficiencies and an innovative problem-solving approach,” said Kevin Miedreich, project manager with Jett Industries, Inc. “The cooperative arrangement allows our team to lean on our in-depth knowledge of facility processes and expedite lead times.”

    The NYC wastewater treatment facility locations included in Centrisys’ maintenance and repair contract include:

    • Bowery Bay, Upper East River, Queens | (4) CP4-1 centrifuges
    • Newton Creek, East River, Brooklyn | (24) BSC3114 thickeners
    • Oakwood Beach, NYC Bay, Staten Island | (4) CP4-1.1 centrifuges
    • Red Hook, East River, Brooklyn | (2) SC3-3 centrifuges
    • North River, Hudson, New York | (1) BSC5-2 centrifuge
    • 26th Ward, Jamaica Bay, Brooklyn | (16) CP4-1 centrifuges
    • Wards Island, Upper East River, New York | (16) CS26-4 2PH centrifuges
    • Hunts Point, Upper East River, Bronx | (16) CS26-4 2PH centrifuges

    NYC manages 14 wastewater resource recovery facilities that treat 1.3 billion gallons of wastewater daily. The treatment system consists of over 6,000 miles of sewer pipes, 135,000 sewer catch basins, over 495 permitted outfalls for the discharge of combined sewer overflows, and 95 wastewater pumping stations that transport to the wastewater resource recovery facilities located throughout the five boroughs. New York City’s sludge is digested and transformed to biogas. After digestion, the leftover solids are then dewatered.

    “Centrisys has built a remarkable relationship with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection as we have collaborated on significant projects together in recent years,” said Michael Kopper, president and chief executive officer of Centrisys. “In 2020, we announced the installation of 32 American-made CS26-4 Centrisys decanter centrifuges at NYC’s largest wastewater treatment plants. We appreciate their trust in our team and look forward to further supporting NYC with our maintenance and repair expertise in the years ahead.”

    For more information about Centrisys and its maintenance and repair contract with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, visit www.centrisys-cnp.com.

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