Experience Centrisys/CNP’s Dewatering Solutions

    At Centrisys/CNP, decanter centrifuge innovation is at the heart of everything we do. With decades of expertise in centrifuge design, manufacturing and service we deliver the highest quality and efficiency designed for your requirements. Here’s what makes Centrisys/CNP your perfect partner.

    Centrifuge Solutions Designed to Fit Your Needs

    Our commitment is to understand your unique requirements. Unlike the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach, we pride ourselves on delivering centrifuge solutions to align with your process demands. 

    • Consultative Approach: We start by listening to our customers and consulting engineers, understanding your plant  goals and challenges.
    • Comprehensive Analysis: Our engineers carry out lab analysis to study the abrasiveness, corrosiveness, and nature of the solids involved in your process.
    • Site-specific Adaptation: We conduct pilot testing on site and adapt the centrifuge design based on laboratory analysis and site conditions.

    Excellence in Engineering: Made in the U.S.A.


    Our centrifuges are not just products; they are  culmination of passionate drive, ambition, and relentless problem-solving. Each Centrisys centrifuge is proudly designed, engineered, and built at our corporate headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with service and repair locations worldwide. Our engineering team continues to uphold our lifelong commitment to excellence, leveraging real-world experience to innovate.


    Advanced Technologies for Superior Performance

    For over 30 years, Centrisys/CNP has integrated and expanded on innovative technology to support centrifuge customization, replacement parts, and components for all brands of decanter centrifuges.

    A few examples include:

    • ROTODIFF® Backdrive: Our proprietary Viscotherm ROTODIFF backdrive offers the highest torque-to-weight ratio, 100% torque at all speeds, and consumes significantly less energy, serving over 2,200 customers worldwide.
    • SOLIDWORKS, a powerful 3D design simulation software, is at the core of our design process. It allows our engineers to simulate real-life conditions, analyze stress patterns, and ensure the robustness and efficiency of our equipment without the need for physical prototypes. This accelerates the development process, controls costs, and ensures the highest quality.

    • Our on-site 3D prototype printing capabilities allow us to swiftly move from design to manufacturing. This technology has revolutionized our Design for Manufacturability process (DFM) by keeping critical aspects of manufacturing in-house, further enhancing efficiency and quality.

    Collaboration with CNP - Technology Water and Biosolids

    The CNP arm of our business provides comprehensive biosolids process solutions. Through innovative technologies like MagPrex, CalPrex and PONDUS, we focus on phosphorus removal and recovery, increased biogas production, and optimized energy usage for wastewater treatment.

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    Building Relationships: More Than Just a Supplier

    At Centrisys/CNP, we believe in building long-lasting relationships. Our agile approach combined with our wealth of experience enables us to react swiftly and work closely with you through every stage, from conception to end-of-life support. We are not just a centrifuge supplier; we are your strategic partner.

    Experience the Centrisys/CNP difference. Together, let’s unlock unparalleled efficiency and innovation in centrifuge solutions tailored for your unique application.