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    Decanter Centrifuge Service Tips Following Extreme Weather


    How to get your plant back up and running

    During your clean up process from Hurricane Lane, we suggest you perform the following steps on your centrifuge to ensure it performs properly and to keep your operators safe.

    • Take a small sample from the oil drain of the hydraulic tank or gearbox. If the sample is cloudy or water is present, change the oil before running the machine. 
    • If your treatment plant cannot start up the centrifuge for more than a week after the storm, turn the rotor by hand to prevent spots on the bearing (contact corrosion). Spots can lead to unnecessary noise and premature bearing failure.
    • Inspect all areas where water can collect. Check the control panel and junction boxes before powering up.
    • Check the conveyor to make sure it did not move and is secure.
    • Check cable and chain on swing conveyors.
    • Electric motors usually have condensate drains. The motor bearings are vulnerable. Grease and rotate the bearings frequently as greasing will push out moisture.
    • Increase the frequency of regular maintenance intervals. Grease and change oils more frequently in outdoor applications than the standard maintenance recommendation to get rid of moisture/condensation.

    Diagnose Sounds

    Be aware of new sounds from your centrifuge. If you have any of the sounds mentioned below, please view our service bulletin: How to Diagnose Decanter Centrifuge Sounds

    • Rattle (indicates a looseness or metal to metal contact)
    • Squeal (belts)
    • Loud low pitch rumble that comes and goes with differential speed changes
    • High pitch whine or roaring that starts at a low speed and gets progressively louder as machine accelerates
    • High sound level that does not change in pitch or intensity

    If your centrifuge needs maintenance due to the storm, Centrisys is here to help. We offer repair service and rental equipment for temporary, emergency dewatering.

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