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    Centrisys Acquires Full Ownership of the Business


    Full acquisition represents a significant investment in the future and greater stability for customers and employees.

    KENOSHA, Wis. (January 11, 2022) – Centrisys announced today that USA company leadership has successfully completed the process of acquiring complete ownership of the business. Centrisys manufactures dewatering and thickening centrifuges and provides global centrifuge service, repair and parts for all decanter centrifuge brands. Centrisys maintains ownership of CNP Technology Water and Biosolids for MagPrex™ and CalPrex® phosphorus processes and exclusive USA distributorship of PONDUS™ THP.

    “This step is a tremendous opportunity to invest in our future. For our customers and suppliers, it creates certainty and predictability. For our employees, it offers greater stability and a prosperous future,” said Centrisys Chief Executive Officer and founder Michael Kopper.

    Kopper with his business partner were the original owners and founders of Centrisys in 1987. With success came new opportunities. Centrisys and Techcent, a Chinese company, formed a joint venture in 2007 which gave Centrisys access to new markets in Asia and cost-effective manufacturing options. In 2015, with the success of their partnership apparent, Techcent purchased 80 percent of Centrisys. Kopper continued as Chief Executive Officer of the company.

    A few years after the acquisition, Techcent ran into financial trouble. The uncertainty associated with a financially distressed foreign parent company threatened the viability of the Centrisys business and the jobs of about 130 Centrisys employees.

    “We met all of our strategic goals. We once again own 100% of the Centrisys business. We eliminated tens of millions of dollars of debt while maintaining our business relationship with Techcent. Every employee was retained. We are now well-positioned, both financially and operationally, to meet the increasing needs of our national and international customers. We are in full control, and our future is bright,” said Kopper, who noted the transaction closed on December 31, 2021. The terms of the deal were not disclosed publicly.

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