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    Advanced Biosolids

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    Two Forward-Thinking Companies Working Together to Solve Environmental Challenges.

    We consider ourselves biosolids experts. It's our comprehensive understanding of real-life sludge treatment from both, the equipment and process perspectives that gives us the upper-hand.

    Centrisys Corporation is a USA manufacturer of decanter centrifuges for sludge dewatering and thickening. Since 1987 Centrisys has been a leader in decanter centrifuge service and repair for all brands of centrifuges on the market today.

    CNP - Technology Water and Biosolids, a division of Centrisys, designs and supplies innovative nutrient recovery and energy optimization systems for wastewater treatment.

    Centrisys THK Sludge Thickener
    (Not a Modified Dewatering Centrifuge)
    CalPrex™ Pre-Digestion P-Recovery
    (Pilot Test - Madison, Wis.)


    “While the technologies each individually bring value, it is their holistic approach, as well as the collaboration of partners involved, that make this project special. The key for this successful initiative is trust among partners – Kenosha Water Utility and Centrisys/CNP leaders – and trust from the City of Kenosha in these leaders to deliver.”

    Ed-St.-Peter    Ed St. Peter, Kenosha Water Utility General Manager

    Meet the Team

    Centrisys/CNP is led by a group of experienced engineers from diverse disciplines who bring fresh perspectives, continuous learning and collaborative spirit to produce breakthroughs in solid-liquid separation technology.

    Meet the Team