Advanced Biosolids Management

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    What's Happening at Centrisys/CNP?

    MOTY-Winner Graphic_33rd AnnualForward-Thinking Companies Solving Biosolids Management Challenges

    Our team of experienced professionals specializes in sludge treatment, and we pride ourselves on being experts in biosolids management.

    From - manufacturing & servicing decanter centrifuges to designing a polymer-free sludge thickener & producing a low-temperature belt dryer that prioritizes simple operation and maintenance to - delivering proven solutions to manage struvite build-up and enhance anaerobic digestion performance.


    “Our comprehensive understanding of sludge and slurry treatment sets us apart. It allows us to address environmental challenges holistically – ultimately delivering our municipal wastewater and industrial customers the highest return on investment.

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    Turning Innovation Into an Industry Standard

    We are constantly innovating new ways of treating biosolids - from optimizing mechanical dewatering and sludge thickening - to developing sustainable processes for struvite control and thermal hydrolysis. At Centrisys/CNP, we are advancing industries that lean on partners to provide unrelenting innovation.

    Our mission is to provide the best solutions and the highest return on investment for all our water, wastewater, and industrial projects.

    We pride ourselves on developing efficient, reliable, cost-effective treatment that meets or exceeds all industry standards.