Used Centrisys CS18-4 Trailer for Rent or Purchase

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Centrifuge Model: Centrisys CS18-4 Trailer

Centrifuge ID Number: CS-10

Centrifuge Type: Sludge Dewatering

Phase: 2-Phase

Flow Rate: 80-120 gpm (based on normal wastewater solids content of 1.5-3%)

Weight: 35,000 lbs

Power Requirements: 460V/3Ph/60Hz 175 Amps

Space Requirements: 13' 6" H x 48' L x 102" W

Grease Type: Kluber grease

Includes: Brand new dewatering trailer built in 2020 with:

  • Modified polymer system; capability to increase polymer retention time; use hot water for emulsion and dry make downs
  • Improved cake conveyor system allows higher throughput/solids handling; conveys stickier solids better
  • Perform basic onsite sludge testing in trailer doghouse lab
  • Improved drain pan below the centrifuge for spills and leakage; includes a sump pump
  • Undercarriage storage eliminated on deck hose storage
  • Onboard pressure washer for after pilot test cleaning or during test spills
  • Installed pipe system for up to 5 minutes additional aging for made-up polymer
  • Rear ladder entrance improves accessibility
  • Removable side rails to load ferric/polymer totes
  • Updated dry polymer hopper/feeder
  • Stand-alone coagulant dosing system evaluates dual polymer conditioning processes
  • Catwalk access to load dry polymer; piping for easy cleanout