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    Hiroko "Yoshi" Yoshida, Ph.D.

    R&D | Biosolids Expert + Environmental Process Specialist

    Many municipalities are using legacy wastewater treatment systems that are three or four decades old. While these systems can still get the job done, advancements in the technology offer significant opportunities to improve efficiency, performance, reliability and cost savings. By attacking these challenges head on, forward-thinking engineers are helping to advance the industry.

    Turn to Centrisys Corporation’s Hiroko (Yoshi) Yoshida, an innovative R&D Director, on how to improve dewaterability in various applications.


    In her short time with Centrisys, Yoshida worked on the award winning THK Sludge Thickener launch, analyzed sludge in the process lab and now leads the R&D team. Working her way up the ranks allows Yoshida to be a key developer for customized dewatering solutions with emerging, innovative technology. As Yoshida says “It’s easy to have a dewatering process detailed on paper, but you need to get your hands dirty to make it a reality.”

    Yoshida is also passionate about educating colleagues, as well as passing down knowledge to the next generation.  She provides numerous presentations at various events throughout the year. She has over 10 published articles with her most recent “Long-Term Emission Factors for Land Application of Treated Organic Municipal Waste” published in Environmental Modeling & Assessment (2016). Yoshida implemented a internship program and Centrisys. She supervises the interns from Carthage College, located also in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and hopes to expand the program to include other local colleges, as the youth are the leaders of tomorrow.

    Yoshida earned her PhD in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark; a Masters in Water Resources Management and a Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.