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    Josh Gable

    Sales Director

    A 10-year industry veteran, Josh Gable was promoted to Sales Director in 2020. Since 2010, he made a remarkable contribution to the company as a process engineer and regional sales manager. In his current role, Josh focuses on identifying areas for growth and advancement, establishing streamlined processes, and training regional sales managers. 

    “I’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to take on unique challenges at Centrisys/CNP,” Gable said. “Now, I’m really excited to be engaged in sales outside the Midwest, getting a closer pulse on the diversity of our marketplace to help all the regions we serve to grow.” 

    In addition to his sales and training leadership, Gable assumes responsibility for establishing greater marketplace diversity and expansion of regions served.

    Gable holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Systems Engineering and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison.