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    WEFTEC 2021 | October 18–20

    McCormick Place | Chicago, Illinois

    Installations Almost Complete at Denver, Colorado

    The world’s largest struvite recovery system from digestate is operational at Denver’s Metro Wastewater Reclamation District. MagPrex™, Centrisys/CNPs flagship struvite recovery technology, and will drastically reduce phosphorus recycle loads, struvite formation and poor dewaterability. Together with the struvite removal from the biosolids, Centrisys’ eight CS26-4 decanter centrifuges will dewater the solids. The centrifuges replace aging equipment at the 220 MGD facility.

    The World's Largest Struvite Recovery System from Digestate

    MagPrex Post-Digestion Phosphorous Recovery CS26-4 Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge

    Watch one of the nine-ton centrifuges lifted into the brand new six-story centrifuge building

    Denver CS26-4 Dewatering Centrifuge Lifted into Building

    CalPrex™ WRF Report


    CalPrex is uniquely suited for recovering a high rate of soluble phosphorus which increases the phosphorus recovery potential. This was demonstrated at the CalPrex pilot test performed at the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District's Nine Springs Facility in Madison, Wisconsin.

    Download the peer-reviewed CalPrex Water Research Foundation (WRF) report for the Madison pilot test which shows the CalPrex's performance, benefits, costs and larger-scale impact.

    Advanced Biosolids Treatment

    Centrisys is a USA manufacturer of dewatering centrifuges, sludge thickeners and provides global centrifuge service, repair and parts for all decanter centrifuge brands. CNP, a division of Centrisys, supplies nutrient recovery and advanced biosolids treatment systems for phosphorus recovery and thermal hydrolysis processes. Access our complete advanced biosolids treatment portfolio.

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